Romyda KL | The Brand
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The Brand

The Romyda_KL Brand

Romyda_KL is a brand that combines the prowess of Cambodian designer Romyda Keth, PR maven Selina Yeop Jr and songstress NingBaizura.

With clothes that are made to be worn regardless of age, shape or size, Romyda_KL celebrates the fact that women come in all manner of shapes and sizes by accentuating the female form with exclusive handcrafted designs while retaining an edgy modesty preferred by its Malaysian clientele.

From figure hugging dresses that perfectly mold the female form, to A-line dresses and jackets that stand out in any crowd, Romyda_KL’s designs are so incredibly distinctive that her dresses can be recognized simply with one look. On top of a cut that fits like a glove and enhances a woman’s figure, Romyda_KL carries a strong sense of colour through all her designs along with her unmistakable trademark – ribbons hand embroidered in a criss-cross fashion on almost every dress.

Each piece is sewn by experienced tailors, and includes details such as laser-cut lace, painted on patterns or embroidery. The essence of a Romyda_KL design can be seen in the amount of attention given to its hand stamp prints, laser cuts and hand embroidery, which reflect the label’s high production quality.

Housed in The Conversation Studio, ladies can pick out any Romyda_KL outfit and have it customized in any way they desire. To keep things exclusive, Romyda_KL carries very limited sizes for each outfit. The personal shopping experience at The Conversation Studio also means that the partners will very likely know who is wearing what to where; this will avoid two socialites accidentally turning up in the same outfit for the same event. With a combination of beautiful materials, timeless designs and exquisite craftsmanship, this collection is perfect for modern society ladies.